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PTAC Engineering, LLC. is a leading specialty-engineering firm in the precast/prestressed concrete industry. We are currently seeking candidates for engineering and drafting positions.

Candidates for the entry level engineering position should have a master of sciences degree in civil engineering with preferably two years experience.

Candidates for project engineer positions should have a bachelor or master degree in civil engineering with a minimum of five years experience, PE license preferred. Preferably the experience will be with-in the precast/prestressed concrete industry. Project engineer responsibilities include (but not limited to) overall structural stability for total precast/prestressed concrete structures, connection design, member design and over all project management. The project engineer is required to work closely with our clients from the initial phases of the project until the successful completion.

Candidates for drafting positions should be proficient in CAD software, be self motivated, be an aggressive learner, and have good math skills with great attention to detail. Communication and the ability to work closely with others is a key part of this position.

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